How To Start A Fitness YouTube Channel [In 5 Simple Steps]

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Every time you open YouTube, a fitness and workout-related video pops up, right? It motivates you to get on with your fitness journey. Inspiration dawns. Have you ever wondered how you can inspire millions of people with your fitness journey and your very own YouTube channel while you also earn through it? Video content has been on the rise, and now is the best time to start your very own Fitness YouTube Channel. Here’s why:


After the pandemic hit, it changed in the fitness industry:

  1. A majority of people began working from home. It was a period of reorganization of priorities in life. Many people took up fitness as a part of their daily routine. They were clueless about where to start and how to go about it. That’s where YouTube fitness channels played an important role. 
  2. People who were into fitness no longer had access to gym equipment, and had to workout with whatever was feasible at home. Again, fitness YouTubers came up with alternatives that helped many. 
  3. Many homemakers and mothers who were not into fitness found and grasped the opportunity to start. Fitness YouTube channels came to their rescue, especially those run by young mothers and homemakers. 


So, why should you start a Fitness YouTube channel? Here’s why:


Gone are the days when blogs ruled, especially when it comes to the fitness niche. If you want to teach someone about fitness, a video is more effective than reading the steps. When you watch someone perform the exercise, it is easy to understand and get the technique right, rather than reading steps that can be confusing and open to interpretation. If there is a video, a person can watch it multiple times and even pause and rewind if required. 


You can now find clients online and you can also access online workout trends. Your YouTube channel is an asset that will help you get noticed on various search engines. You can earn through YouTube ads and affiliate programs. As you grow your audience and followers, your brand image and your revenue automatically increase. 


If anyone can do it, so can you! Here is the ultimate guide to starting your very own Fitness YouTube channel in 5 simple steps without any equipment or video knowledge. Let’s get started. 

  • Get a clear idea: 

Starting a fitness YouTube channel requires time and effort. Validate your idea by asking yourself – does your content solve a problem? If you have a pre-existing audience, see if this is what they are looking forward to. See if you can perform better than your competitors. If the answer is yes, you have identified a potential lacuna that you can fill through your fitness channel. Use the keyword research tool to see what kind of search terms are being used in relation to the content that you are going to offer. Assess whether your channel has long-term potential. It is important that you don’t run out of ideas in a month. To make this easier, come up with 50 video ideas. Then you can plan video content and also come up with more and more ideas. Keep a pulse on the fitness market, and observe what people want.

  • Set up your YouTube channel:

This is easy. All you need is a YouTube account. Follow the prompts in the options to create your own channel. Upload a catchy logo, a header image that is informative, and a short bio to tell people who you are and what exactly you do. Include keywords to get search hits. Try and create a unique identity so that you stand out from the rest.

  • Start creating your video content:

Using the keywords that you found, come up with ideas that revolve around them. All you need to record your videos is a smartphone and a stable supporting surface. You don’t have to worry about all the fancy equipment at this point – once your revenue starts pouring in, you can do all of that and more. Then all you need is a good YouTube Video Editor like Invideo to make your video engaging – crop out the unwanted parts, add nice filters and effects – whatever makes your video engaging while also building your brand image. 

  • Upload your video and let people know about it:

Before you upload your video, add a proper title that contains strong keywords and a good thumbnail image. This is the most important part, as your audience decides to click on your video depending on these two elements. The title and thumbnail give your audience the first impression. Once you upload the video, you need to let people know about it, so promote your video. Share it on all your social media handles, embed it on your blog, and also share it on community boards on YouTube so that you can reach out to new audiences who are your potential subscribers. The quicker the views, the higher your video ranks. 

  • Keep it consistent:

Now that you have uploaded your first video, you know the trend. Keep up the good work. To build your subscriber base, consistency is the key. Pick ideas from the ones that you had brainstormed, and make videos for each. Pro tip: it is easier to shoot videos and edit videos in batches instead of doing one each. It saves time and effort since you are already in your workout gear. Keep recording and editing videos in advance. Upload one video each week. It is better to have a specific day of the week and a corresponding time to upload your videos. Your audience will know when to anticipate your next upcoming video. Track the results and see what are the areas of improvement. Adapt and improve on your next videos accordingly.  


So now you know that you can start your own YouTube fitness channel in just 5 simple steps. Not just that, you can also make revenue from it and have a consistent income on the side – without investing in any fancy equipment or skills! What are you waiting for?

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